Metal siding is increasingly popular. From low maintenance to energy efficiency and many other solid reasons, it’s the perfect choice for ranch, farm, and commercial buildings. Check out the 10 reasons why metal is the best type of siding for your shed or barn:

1. Low maintenance 

Metal siding is almost always coated with a sealant or durable finish. Steel siding is most often coated with zinc to improve rust resistance. Aluminum siding is often powder coated to provide an additional layer of protection. After it’s installed, about the only maintenance required for metal siding is a gentle washing once a year to remove dust, dirt, pollen, and debris. Depending on the quality, you may never need to paint or may need to paint every 5 to 10 years. Whether you go with aluminum or steel siding, the metal is extremely resistant to peeling, flaking, fading, chalking, mildew, and insects. It won’t rust, rot, or blister. How’s that for low maintenance!?

2. Weather-resistant

Metal siding is made of aluminum or structural steel – both of which provide outstanding weather resistance. One of the most rugged and dependable materials for all kinds of applications, metal siding is the best choice when you need a material to withstand the elements. Rain, sleet, snow, hurricanes, floods, and temperature extremes are no match for metal siding. While thinner-gauge metal siding is appropriate for certain applications, the heavier gauge is dent-resistant and withstands hail.

3. Fire resistant

Most metal siding is non-combustible, meaning it will not ignite nor allow a surrounding fire to spread. This feature makes metal siding an ideal choice for cladding barns and sheds, especially when animals are housed in the building, or valuable equipment is stored inside. It’s also an excellent choice for sheds and barns located in wildfire-prone areas. The International Building Code designates metal panels ‘Class A’ for external fire exposure when installed over open framing or over a non-flammable substrate. Class A is the highest rating. However, if there are gaps between metal siding panels, fire can get behind the openings and ignite combustible materials. Make sure all gaps on your shed’s or barn’s metal siding are sealed with caulk. 

4. Fast installation

Whether you choose horizontal or vertical installation, metal siding is easy to install and goes up quickly. The tools required include tin snips, electric shears, a screw gun or drill, an angle grinder or miter saw, a welder and cutting torch, and files or sanding pads to smooth cut edges. Steel panels can weigh up to 100 pounds and require at least two people to hold the panel while a third person attaches the panel to the underlying studs. Cutting panels to fit around windows and doors can be a bit complicated and installers need to be aware of sharp edges that can be dangerous. Because steel siding is heavy, professional installation is recommended. DIYers have more success with aluminum siding installation.

5. Durability

Long-lasting and naturally strong, metal siding can withstand the rigors that sheds and barns are often exposed to – from storing agricultural equipment or five tons of alfalfa, to housing livestock or valuable equine tack. Both aluminum and steel siding have been available since the 1940s but many people didn’t care for the unfinished metallic-like appearance. In the 1980s, durable coatings were developed to prevent rust and in some cases give the appearance of wood. Today, no matter the metal siding you choose, it has the potential to last a lifetime.

6. Strength

Metal siding can provide structural integrity to your shed or barn. Metal siding can also meet or exceed standards for seismic codes. Steel siding is the best siding for a barn because it adds stability to the post and beam construction. The strength of steel is measured two ways – by yield strength and thickness. Yield strength is the amount of force that’s required to cause permanent damage. This feature contributes more to steel’s strength than its thickness. Thickness, another measure of strength, is specified as the gauge. 

7. Esthetics

You can’t beat metal siding for its versatility in design and color options. If you’re going for a clean, seamless look, metal siding can enhance a contemporary barn’s or shed’s architectural features. But if you’re aiming for an industrial or rustic look, metal siding is fabricated in a wide variety of finishes that can impart an aged feel and give you exactly the look you want. Some metal siding is even fabricated to look like cedar shakes and comes in 12 x 36-inch or 12 x 48-inch panels. The shiplap and board and batten metal siding can impart a farmhouse look. Either way, whether you’re siding a horse barn or a she-shed, you’ll be able to find metal siding that will make your barn or shed look unique and special.

8. Environmentally friendly

Metal siding is 100% recyclable and many brands are made from recycled steel or aluminum. Steel siding panels tend to have a higher percentage of recycled content than aluminum, but in general, most metal siding that you purchase will have some recycled material. 

9. Multi-purpose

If you’re looking for a siding material that is totally multi-purpose, metal siding fits the bill. The clear-cut advantages of metal siding over just about any other type of siding make it the perfect choice for your shed or barn. 

10. Energy Efficient

Because of its reflective properties, metal siding diverts the sun’s UV rays and radiant heat away from the building. This in turn helps keep the building cooler in summer and also can save on energy bills. And it’s easy to add foam insulation under the metal siding if you want even more energy efficiency for your shed or barn. 

When low maintenance, long life, and weather and fire resistance are top priorities for the siding on your shed or barn, you simply can’t find a better material than metal siding. Then when you consider the additional features of strength, fast installation, and beauty, it’s easy to see the distinct advantages of a metal shed or barn. If you go with metal siding – especially steel – a licensed contractor can do the job quickly and efficiently. They have the tools and experience to do the job right. But how do you find the best metal siding contractor to complete the installation? It’s easy! Save time researching and use CLAD Siding to connect with licensed and insured residential and commercial siding contractors in your area. 


Want to find a licensed and insured siding contractor who will install your barn’s or shed’s metal siding? Or maybe you’re looking to make some repairs to your existing metal siding. Either way, get a fast free quote from CLAD Siding today!