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Power Home Remodeling

#1 Ranked Siding Contractors in Dallas, TX

Power Home Remodeling

Exceptional! based on 8600+ data points.
The CLAD Siding Rating Index (CSRI) is an impartial score of the best siding contractors in a city.

Siding Services

  • Installation
  • Vinyl
  • Repair



N/A, Dallas, TX
(214) 306-7611
Power Home Remodeling has an exceptional rating compared to all siding companies nationwide. Compared to all siding companies in Dallas, TX, Power Home Remodeling is the #1 ranked siding installers. To see the best siding installers in Dallas, TX, click HERE.
  • In 2021, Power Home Remodeling was voted as the #1 siding contractor in Dallas, TX.
Power Home Remodeling offers installation, vinyl and repair siding services.
To get an immediate quote, Click HERE or text “MOVE” to (512) 877-8520.
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